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Mr Deepu Sethi - Your Knee Surgeon

Mr Sethi is one of few surgeons who operates exclusively on the knee.

He has trained in the UK and Australia and treats the full sprectrum of knee problems, from a sports injury in the professional athelete to treating the arthritic knee in the senior population.

Meniscal Tear

Meniscal tears are very common. Not all tears need surgery, but when surgery is indicated Mr Sethi performs key hole surgery to repair or trim the cartilage.

Torn Meniscus
Meniscal Tear

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

ACL injuries are very common and patients often require surgery so that they can return to sport.

Mr Sethi uses modern key hole techniques to reconstruct the ACL ligament and most operations are carried out as day-case surgery.

ACL Injury
ACL Injuries

Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis can be a painful and debilitating condition. Mr Sethi uses a wide range of techniques to reduce pain and improve quality of life.

Where possible, Mr Sethi uses "Joint Preservation" surgical techniques to delay the need for joint replacement surgery as long as possible.

Osteotomy operations around the knee can provide excellent pain relief for more active patients.

In correctly selected patient, Knee Replacement surgery can give excellent results.

Knee Arthritis
Knee Arthritis

Patella (Kneecap) Instability

The kneecap can be the cause of many symptoms in the knee, the majority of which can be treated without surgery.

However, when the kneecap is unstable or dislocates surgery may be helpful.

In general, when the kneecap dislocates more that once or continues to feel unstable Mr Sethi would discuss potential surgical treatment to prevent pain, instability and future degeneration in the joint.

Kneecap dislocation
Patella Dislocation
Articular Cartilage Injuries

Articular Cartilage Injuries

Articular cartilage is a very important component of a healthy knee joint. It is a smooth substance that covers the ends of the bones and is what allows for a fluid, smooth, painless motion of the knee. When a patient has articular cartilage damage, they can experience pain and swelling. Over time, this process will continue to progress and eventually lead to a complete loss of cartilage down to the bone. When this happens, a diseases known as osteoarthritis becomes present. This continues to cause progressive symptoms of knee pain and stiffness.
Articular cartilage injury

Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injuries

The most common knee ligament injury is an injury to the MCL on the medial (inside) aspect of the knee.
The vast majority of MCL injuries heal without surgery and simple bracing.
It is however important to ensure that there are not other associated injuries of the knee.
Medial Collateral Ligament - MCL
MCL Injuries
Other Knee Conditions

Here you can find out more about other knee conditions that Mr Sethi commonly treats.

Knee Injecton
Other Knee Conditions
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